Baldur's Gate Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Opening cinematic
Main menu
Introduction to the first chapter
Character generating. Classic D&D rules apply
Our story begins here outside an inn in the scholarly town of Candlekeep
Inventory screen. Team members along the right, options/spell books/maps accessible on the left
The world map reveals new locales as you explore from one location to the next
This momentous act of sacrifice changes the course of our hero's life
The inns of the game allow you to rest and recuperate but they also allow you to steal from the other guests if you feel brave and skilled enough
The local map is revealed as you walk around it. Characters in your group are highlighted in green circles. Black areas haven't been explored yet
Thunder Hammer Smithy in the town of Beregost has great supplies even with an iron shortage
Resting in the wilderness can be risky as your party may be confronted by enemies during the night
The Nashkel Carnival has set up their tents
Inside a tent are a group of tired carnies
A windmill at the outskirts of Nashkel. Not every interesting structure can be explored unfortunately
The infamous Boo
Not every character is impressed by your feats. The owners of this house kicked me out after I broke in. I guess it's understandable
Occasionally you will have visions while resting
Trying to get to the bottom of things at Nashkel Mines
Prism is an artist who is preoccupied with carving his face into this rock
A secret winery!
Inside a Gullykin home
Gullykin is home to halflings.
Walking under a waterfall searching for a lost cat. Not all side-quests are epic
Centeol the spider queen is the reason Cloakwood is dreaded
Crossing a bridge. One of my group members is wearing a magical robe which allows her to go unseen
Thankfully all I have to fight are baby wyvern
Entering Baldur's Gate
Inside Sorcerous Sundries, the best place for magical goodies in Baldur's Gate
The docks at Baldur's Gate even have a tavern aboard this ship called Low Lantern
Inside Low Lantern
Just south of the Blushing Mermaid Inn is where you go if you're into strumpets
Exploring the haunted sewers beneath Baldur's Gate
Burning Hands spell doesn't cause as much panic as you'd expect probably due to the rainbow is causes
In the wilderness of Cloakwood you can sometimes find beautiful floral patches
A shipwreck at the aptly named Shipwreck's Coast
Trying to get through the Thieves Maze
At last...the Undercity
Ogrillon (half-elf night vision fight)
Lathander's temple
Game Over