Battle of Europe Credits (Windows)

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Battle of Europe Credits

MAUS Software

Lead ProgrammerIgor Bozhko
Lead ArtistJuri Pazinich
ProgrammingVyacheslav Kudrya, Andrey Ostroverkhov
3D ModellingDmitry Klevtsov, Oleg Shikaryov, Alexandr Palaguta, Maxim Matsyuk, Andrey Samoylov
InterfaceJuri Pazinich
TexturesJana Kiselyova, Dmitry Klevtsov, Oleg Shinkaryov, Maxim Matsyuk
LandscapesJana Kiselyova
IntroJuri Pazinich, Oleg Shinkaryov
MusicDirk Hinkelmann-Grueber, Evgeniy Militsa, Russian State Archive of Phono Documents
AudioDirk Hinkelmann-Grueber, Stephen Robert Taylor, Alexey Gritsenko
TextsEkaterina Yakovenko, Andrey Ostroverkhov
ConsultantMichael Kobets
3D TestingVyacheslav Kudrya
TestingKirill Galanov, Ekaterina Yakovenko, Alexey Gritsenko

Black Bean

Head of MarketingMarco A. Minoli
Product ManagerDavide Bordegoni
Localization ManagerGabriele Alemani
Accounting ManagerMarina Poretti
International LocalizationSynthesis International Srl
Special Thanks toLuisa Bixio Bordonaro, Brock Beaubien, Marco Boldini, Stewart Braybrook, Livio Cantagallo, Moira Cauzzo, Domenico Cuda, David Halse, Chris Mehers, Chiara Mellerio, Jay Podilchuk, Biagio Sileno, Prokopios Sotos, Andrea Spinazzola, Emanuel Wall, Emanuele Zecchin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29557)