Battlefield 2: Special Forces Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Ghost Town-SAS spawn point running for Black Hawk chopper
Ghost Town-Under fire from APC trying to take flag
Ghost Town from top of the building
Ghost Town-Waiting for me at the top of ladder
New water vehicle
Ghost Town-SRAW hit on Anti-Air destroys it!
Victim of flashbang grenade
Ghost Town-Russian HIND comes to the aid of the destroyed Anti-Air
Onboard USS Essex
Ghost Town-Reload SRAW and attack the HIND
New item: gas mask
Ghost Town-Russian transport chopper hovering to take flag. He gets a point blank TOW destruction shot.
Defending USS Essex with gunturret
Ghost Town-Repairing a APC during battle
Night vision
Warlord map
Fire at will
Warlord-Unique spawn point allows for parachute into game
Connecting to account server
Warlord-Through chute early and glide picking a high building landing
Multiplayer servers
Warlord-Guide your flight to a multi-story building
Loading map Ghost Town
Climbing to top of the building using a hook
Warlord-APC TOW shot on TV station flag point
One of the new vehicles
Warlord-MEC RPG shot on APC
Warlord-Battle is over with a parting shot of the palace