The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
The castle you inherited, from the game's intro.
Your supply bag. Empty it and fill your pockets with its contents.
Talking to Herr Doktor Klingman, who's not as nice as it appears in first hand.
Grinning to Xavier after getting the proper papers for joining the hunters club.
Grace Nakimura, your second character.
Playing with Grace. Starting in schloss Ritter.
Gerda, a firey opponent to Grace, but very nice woman in soul.
You'll have to do a lot before getting keys of Gabriel's car.
In St. George's Church, all of the Shattenjaeggers (Shadowhunters) of the past.
A farm of Huebers who lend it to GK while he shows his dark side.
Talking to von Zell, a first one to kill.
Gabriel Knight, our hero.
Schloss Ritter seems to have some love & escape oriented secret passages.
Grace Nakimura, our heroine.
Battling the first (were)wolf.
When Gabriel is bitten, the fate lies in the hands of Gracie.
Preparing the salvation opera.
Seeing through wolf's eyes, being a wolf.
Newspaper (Freistaat Bayern Zeitung)
Lycanthropes by Charles Jennings, Lore & Law
Lycanthropes, opened book
The Schattenjägger talisman
The less-than-pleasant Baron Von Zell
Kriminal komissar Leber, this ain't no NYPD Blue
Gabriel and Gerde taking a new case for the Shadow Hunter (GOG version)
A letter from New Orleans... must be Grace (GOG version)
Playing with a recorded conversation with Dr. Klingman (GOG version)
Meeting with your family's lawyer (GOG version)
Gabriel found his way into the hunting club (GOG version)
Grace is staying at Gabriel's room at the castle (GOG version)
Grace is going out to investigate (GOG version)
This typewritter didn't see much practice due to Gabriel's recent writer's blockade (GOG version)
It'll take a while for Grace and Gerde to get along (GOG version)
Gabriel talking to some of the club members (GOG version)
Grace at the post office (GOG version)
Neuschwanstein is holding some clues to the puzzle (GOG version)
Looking for clues in the castle (GOG version)
Grace found the place of Ludwig's death (GOG version)
Gabriel family's lawyer will help Gabriel in his investigation with supernatural (GOG version)
Gabriel on a mission to check the adjacent room (GOG version)
Is that a grin on Grace's face... yup, she's connecting the dots (GOG version)
Talking to the chapel priest (GOG version)
Tending to Gabriel who's been bitten by a werewolf (GOG version)
It was a close call this time... but they are getting ready for the next case (GOG version)