Champions Online Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Cryptic, well-known for City of Heroes/Villains just couldn't abandon the superhero theme.
Loading Screen.
Main Menu.
The usual RPG character creation process.
Superpower Heaven.
A real hero must have a moustache! Or was that about villains...
The tutorial starts with a bang! The Qularr aliens have invaded Millennium City.
And of course it's your duty to save it.
Otherwise you'll tarnish the name of your champions.
The map reveals a giant bug, obviously.
Using your superpowers is visually pleasing.
Mentalists drain life from foes.
Cutscenes take place in-engine.
Defender is the leader of the Champions, your boss, and all around heroic guy.
The Powerstation lets you buy, change, or test your hero's powers.
Millennium City in the daytime.
Using the teleport travel power.
The always pleasing flight travel power.
The nightmarish Canadian wilderness. Tremble!