Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The usual Clue suspects
Main menu
Many graphical options
Setting up the murder mystery participants.
A character can be controlled by a human player.
A character can also be controlled by the computer at different AI levels.
The load screen depicts a vine growing across the mansion gates.
The hands of fate deal the cards and decide the who, where, and how of the murder in advance.
Miss Scarlet taking her turn; graphics are high detail with translucent walls.
Status screen
Professor Plum takes his first turn, just outside the study.
This is the game with many of the graphical features turned off; the scenes can be easier to discern without the translucent mansion walls.
When someone suggests a murder theory, each of the players reports whether they can prove or disprove the theory.
When someone suggests a murder theory, a brief animation plays to depict the alleged murder scene.
Someone eventually guesses correctly.
The murderer is put away.