Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Nod Commander
Nod arriving to the beach
Another picture of the Nod Commander
Loading Screen
Destroying Stronghold
Mission Debrief
Part of the credits
Mission Info
One of the mission targets
Two nod refineries
Green tiberium crystals
Nod units attacking enemy
Nod units attacking GDIs occupied building
You are victorious
Fighting a rebellious Nod insurrection.
Energy is what you'll need the most to properly defend your base.
This redefines the term breaking and entering... GDI base is about to be obliterated.
Good old "tank rush" tactic still seem to work most of the times.
Using rocket squad infantry to take out the anti-air defense turrets.
Using Purifiers to take out the enemy base.
Intelligence database.
Powerless enemy turrets are nice way to rank up your units.
Latest Nod artillery can fire from quite a distance.
Nod battleship as good as dead in the water since you cannot use it.
GDI structures blowing up one after another.
When you're covering the entire map, escorting mission sums up to sit and wait since enemy cannot approach you from anywhere.
It's time to face the new threat, GDI's M.A.R.V. tank.
Nod shaped EA logo
Space station in orbit
Destroyed old wrecks blocking the airfield
Five Nod avatars barely holding against GDI super tank
This base looks well defended, if I do say so myself
Powerful alien entity approaching our perimeter
Mutiny against Kane is not tolerated
Cyborg army is starting to gather
A fleet of elite Venoms can take out any ground unit