Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Choose your side
American citizens standing by peacefully, but not for long...
The Russian army is coming
The Russian army invades the USA
Fighting on
Running over the bridge
Getting close to the Pentagon
The Pentagon
The Russian army is surrounding the Pentagon
Last moment of the Pentagon
World Trade Center under attack
Game options screen
Lieutenant Eva
Professor Einstein
Tanya and general Carville
Loading a game
A battered allied base
Lieutenant Sofia
Premier Romanov
Paris in springtime
Crazy Ivan is going to blow up a building.
Mission accomplished
A Soviet fleet
Customizing the skirmish mode (Single Player)
The ever popular Harrier Jump Jet makes an appearance in-game.
Once again, submarines make an outing for the Russians.
Results of a skirmish game
I'm defending the Soviet Battle Lab in mission 7 of the hard campaign. It's very important to control the oil derricks early to gain extra income (the red dots on the right of the mini-map).
I'm capturing the Eiffel Tower with Tesla Troopers in a Soviet mission.
Main title
Russian forces landing on the US soil
Russian fleet is taking over the New York
Police doesn't serve any useful purpose, it's just an atmospheric detail
Yuri built a Psychic Amplifier to control the masses
Einstein's prism towers can combine energy for a stronger attack
Dreadnoughts are deadly against enemy structures but defenseless against air attacks
Prism tanks are weak against an Apocalypse tank, but when in group and veteran, they can be deadly
Russian Apocalypse tanks defending Moscow
Fortifying the cathedral
Destroying the White House
General Carville is confirming Soviet invasion
Missile control
US president Dugan is pacing in concern for his people
Special Agent Tanya about to blow up the enemy nuclear silo