Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Windows)

Command & Conquer: Red Alert Screenshots

Windows version

RA title
main menu
allied side
soviet side
ingame menu
mission one (allies) - rescuing Einstein
mission three (soviets) - spy chase
after battle statistics
low on power
assault on London
battle map
mission: rescue Tanya
protect the chronosphere
in the nick of time
posting barracks
saving the doomed
nuclear reactor
Soviet Yak fighters and planes that drop parabombs attacking the chronosphere & two gap generators
Using a Medic to heal Tanya
Transports unloading a bunch of medium tanks for an old-fashioned tank rush
Without any attack dogs in sight, the spy can enter the soviet base undetected and gather information by infiltrating buildings
With the engineer you can take over damaged enemy buildings. Then you can produce their type of units
Allied gunboats vs. soviet submarines
Rocket launchers firing long-range V2 missiles at a radar dome
Where Soviet Mammoth tanks pass through, nothing stays alive.
Nice way to start a mission is by overtaking the enemy base.