Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Title (from the intro opening)
Main Menu
Tanya getting ready to use the time machine
Still from the intro video of the attack on Alcatraz
Rescuing Einstein from the Great Pyramid
Multiplayer base playing as Yuri
The Floating Disc is really useful
In multiplayer, playing with my dad and a friend against only one brutal computer. Next stop - nuclear strike!
First mission with allies is to protect the time device until it enables you to travel back in time.
On Alcatraz Yuri's established and fortified a base to protect his psychic dominator. The power to that thing must be cut down, soldier!
With Yuri gone, Soviet forces got a new hero, Boris, that can among other things, plant an air strike beacon.
The old cast is back... and doubled.
Taking down Yuri's Floating Disc.
Allied Prism Tanks wreaking havoc up on Yuri's installations.
Nuclear strike on well guarded Psychic Dominator.
Vengeance rockets launched!
It is good to know the targets of your enemy so you can prepare for defense.
Chronoshifting six of Yuri's battle tanks right into the water.
Mission in Australia will present new class of submarine Yuri deployed in action.
Oh-oh, a Time Machine malfunctioned and you end up couple of million years in the past.
Large squadron of Korean Black Eagles leveling two of Yuri's sub-pens.
Some missions will take action on the moon, but regular infantry won't be available there, duh.
Capturing a few enemy tanks with mind-control vehicle.
Nuclear strike created a bliss in a huge crossfire.
Yuri's forces are using Magnetrons to levitate allied ships out of the water.
The AI does make strange things at times...
President Dugan is facing a new threat from Yuri
Allied Harriers heading towards the Alcatraz island to assault Yuri's psychic beacon
Yuri found out our location, we need to prepare our defenses
Individual soldiers cannot even approach our base
Getting ready to nuke Yuri's base
Lt. Zofia is back as your communications officer during the Soviet campaign
San Francisco bridge is down
Tanya is ready to team up with Soviet forces and strike back at Yuri
Landing on the moon
Yuri's fortress is overwhelmed
Yuri is trying to escape in his time machine
Walling up the beach does keep enemy ships at bay