Crazy Machines 2 Credits (Windows)

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Crazy Machines 2 Credits

FAKT Software GmbH

Project ManagementAndreas Lenk, Thomas Heinschke
ProgrammingBodo Pfeifer, Alexander Wagner, Thomas Möckel, Andreas Kohl
GraphicsDaniel Bohn, Mirko Hänßgen, Steve Kirbst
Level DesignTorsten Schmidt, Sabrina Meyer
Online Lars Uhlmann
QAFalk Möckel
TestingFrank Färber, Stefan Lakmann, Kai Mittermüller, Claudia Hintze, Stefanie Troppmann, Sandra Tieg, Andreas Steinicke, Bernd Krause, Thorsten Stranegger, Johannes Postel
Technical AdviceRolf Pfeifer
Legal AdviceDirk Schwerd, Volkmar Kalweit
Our Man in GBMarco Kalweit

Novitas Publishing GmbH

Product ManagerOliver Junghans
QAFrank E. Callies

Dynameida GbR

Original ScoreAlexander Röder, Tilman Sillescu, Markus Schmidt
Original Sound DesignAxel Rohrbach
Audio DirectionPierre Gerwig Langer

AEGIA Technologies, Inc

Technical AdviceSimon Schirm, Philipp Hatt, Stefan Duthaler, Isha Geigenfeind, Lihua Zhang, Jeremy Patterson, Curtis Davis
MarketingTony Carrillo, Suneil Mishra
DubbingLutz Mackensy

Borgmeier Public Relations

Public RelationsSabine Berekoven, Lars Kühme


WolfgraphicsElena Hernández Alba

DreamWerk Entertainment

DreamWerkAndre Fedorow, Daniel Salinger

This product contains software licensed from

FreeType 2.0 libraryDavid Turner, Robert Wilhelm, Werner Lemberg
JPEG libraryThomas G. Lane
Ogg Vorbis libraryXiph.Org Foundation
OpenSSL libraryThe OpenSSL Project
zlib libraryJean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler

Viva Media LLC

Special thanks toFAKT Software GmbH
Executive DirectorEve Seber
GraphicsAnne Marie Burkel, Calo Rios, Dirk Schultz, Isabelle Jelonek, Karoline Grunske
PackagingAnne Marie Burkel, Calo Rios, Dirk Schultz, Isabelle Jelonek, Karoline Grunske
Voice OverDamon Maida (Professor)
Voice Over DirectionBeatrice LaBarge, Ting Lam
Sound StudioHarvestworks
Sound EngineerLeslie Lavelanent
TestingJoaquin Liguas Jr.
Text LocalizationAshley Collins, Angela Dilenno
Sales and DistributionPenny Armstrong, Stacy Rachels, Tony Costa
Video EditingAnthony Muzzatti

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