Crazy Machines 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu (German version)
It's quite interactive. You can fool around quite a bit.
Here are my trophies (well, there will be...)
The different campaigns (note the PhysiX Lab.)
The first (very easy) experiment
You can shift and zoom the camera for a better look.
The interface is easy to use.
Yeah baby, CANNONS!
First real puzzle. This is supposed to be a town in Germany, can it get any more cliche...
...well, yes. This is the university.
Note the crossbow. Lots of weapons for a puzzle game ;)
Conveyor belt fun
It gets more complicated.
Welcome to Greece. Your third stop.
Notice the nice details, the gauge is actually moving.
Steampipe madness
Greek football (remember 2004!)
The World Tour goes on.
There is actually a small movie running on the TV, looks like an old experiment from the 1960s.
Welcome to Egypt, your fourth stop.
TNT, can it get any better?
Yes! C4 for the win!
There are several ways to complete a puzzle. Here is the official one...
...and here is mine. Less sophisticated, but it works ;)
The goals for each puzzle are very well described.
The setup...
...and the execution. Looks good.
One Thousand and One Puzzle, welcome to the Orient.
Zeppelin + Barrel = Fun!