Creatures 3 Credits (Windows)

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Creatures 3 Credits


Producer/DirectorToby Simpson
Additional DesignMark Ashton, Claudio Berni, David Bishop, Robert Dickson, Barnaby Green, Ashley Harman, Francis Irving, Lee Singleton
Lead ProgrammingRobert Dickson
Lead Agent EngineerMark Ashton
Lead ArtistClaudio Berni
Software Engineering and Development ToolsDavid Bhowmik, Gavin Buttimore, Francis Irving, Daniel Silverstone, Guy Tristram
Neuroscience/Biological ComponentsDavid Bhowmik, Gavin Buttimore
Additional Engine DevelopmentAlima Adams, Ben Campbell
Agent EngineeringBarnaby Green, Ashley Harman
Additional Agent EngineeringJohn Ferguson
Art DirectorColin Swinbourne
ArtworkClaudio Berni, Ceri Llewellyn, Timothy Mews, Sean Nicholls, Colin Swinbourne
User Interface VisualsNathan Thomas
Additional GraphicsOliver Dunn, Barnaby Green, Paul Simon, Nathan Thomas
Genetic EngineeringHelen Burchmore, Eric Goodwin
Angry ScotsmanRobert Dickson
Additional NeuroscienceDylan Banarse
Introduction Sequence ConceptColin Swinbourne
Introduction Sequence ModellingClaudio Berni
Music and Post ProductionPeter Chilvers
Man in SuitHoward Newmark
Director of DevelopmentIan Saunter
Quality Assurance ManagerPaul Dobson
Quality AssuranceBen Gonshaw, Barry O'Sullivan, Rupert Young
Thanks ToLisa de Araujo, Ben Simpson

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