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The Curse of Monkey Island (Windows)

The Curse of Monkey Island Screenshots

Windows version

Main Title
The puzzle difficulty menu (by selecting less puzzles, you loose lots of neat surprises aside).
before the story even starts
guybrush meets murray.. or whatever thats left of him
outside the hotel
the windmill
the lighthouse
looks as though he's seen a ghost.. wait a minute... he HAS..!!
Our hero, Guybrush, just came in from the circus park where he left of last time we controlled him.
Governor Elaine Marley, in a cartoonish cinematic.
Even 7 years later, the humour of our hero is not lost.
Dueling banjos.
Any Monkey Island game would not be complete without some monkeys in it.
Guybrush in disguise... but not on purpose.
Back to fencing and insults we lost in the second part.
Lechuck ?!?!?!?!?
Captured by the dreadful army of LeChuck.
Helping Elaine to fend off the horde.
Guybrush displaying his other skills.
Looks like it's time to the duel.
Row, row, row your boat...
An arcade part of the game to compete with Sid Meier's Pirates!
Guybrush's old friends from Monkey Island, now vegetarians.
Option screen.
Deep in the Caribbean
Elaine is quite a sharpshooter with a rifle like that
A mighty pirates trembles in fear in front of his beloved
These sharks look hungry... better make sure there are no leaky holes on this rowboat
If you want to stop your crew front singing, give them something that doesn't rhyme
Catching fireflies
Everything's gonna be just fiiiiiine
Confronting LeChuck who underwent through yet another deadly upgrade