Dark Reign 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen.
Mission intro.
Options menu (graphics section).
This group of units is in a Wedge Formation.
Setting the behaviour of my units.
Building a command center.
What would an RTS game be without harvesting (ahumm, Myth was fine without it).
Zooming in on a group of JDA Guardians.
What a huge billboard!
Of course you can use rally/way points in DR2.
With loading screens like these I don't mind the waiting.
The exhaust fume of these units looks nice (also notice that it's raining).
Attacking a turret with aerial units.
Fighting in the desert...
.. and fighting at night.
A base built in a cavern.
A big field to harvest, but it's in the middle of the map and enemy units can get there too.
Look at the flying fortress in the sky... It can drop a big explosion on the ground.
Some units exploring an old temple.
There are boats too, in this game.
Defensive towers are also used to create energy walls.
A nice close view.
Lots of energy generators in this base.
As they say, "Our enemies will fall before Baron Samedi". And here, two are attacking this base.
A sprawler base on a green hill.
Defense against flying units in action.
The danger is coming from the sky.
Some flying fortresses are attacking a base.
Mines and bombs have been dropped on this base.