Face of Mankind Credits (Windows)

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Face of Mankind Credits

A Duplex Systems Production

Project DirectionMarko Dieckmann
Contains Jupiter Technology licensed fromTouchdown Entertainment Inc


Game DesignMarko Dieckmann
ProgramingMarko Dieckmann, Bram Venneman, Ronny Wruck, Robert Stoll
World DesignChristian Oesch, Christopher Bartlett, Matthias Peters, Henrik Bolle, Philipp Kuhn
Character ModelingRingtail Studios
Character AnimationVirtualform GmbH
Motion CapturingMetricminds GmbH & Co KG, Nele van Deyk
Object Modeling & AnimationTobias Meyer, Christian Oesch, Michael Göbel, Fabian Schmidt
3D TexturingChristian Oesch, Henrik Bolle, Paul Evans, Tobias Meyer, Philipp Kuhn, Matthias Peters, Christopher Bartlett
Interface DesignMarko Dieckmann, Christian Oesch, Tobias Meyer
Music & SoundChristopher Dierks
Voice ActorsJessica Wachsman, West Westbrook, Jim Ducharme, Birgit Bellmann
Additional WritingColin Low, Tim Scheiman
Website DevelopmentMarko Dieckmann
Community ManagementTim de Boer, Colin Low, Thanks to all Gamemasters
Quality AssuranceThanks to all Beta Testers

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