Written by  :  StorytellerShannon (19)
Written on  :  Jan 04, 2009
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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GREAT RPG; blood, guts, more guts and blood and even RPGing!!!

The Good

(1) Unlike most RPGs you get to roleplay with a variety of educated replies. If you pick the right ones, you get more information. And, if you screw up, too bad. You don't get to ask the other questions for the most part. I always hate in the RPGs where you tick off a person and then ask them another question and they act like you're their friend.

Even better, if you have a high intelligence or good speech skills, you're rewarded with more dialogue options.

(2) great graphics; great noises; all the weapons and noises of dying people, if that's your thing, are fairly believable. You can even click BLOODY MESS as a perk to see some really gruesome visuals.

(3) you can have more allies; you can outfit them with better armor and weapons; all have different personalities which means they may or may not be good in combat; may leave you if you tick them off;

(4) opponents are tougher; you get away with less mistakes; positioning is much more important;

(5) the storyline is multilayered; the game lasts about three times as long as the original fallout; much more to do;

(6) as it is longer, you effect more of the world at the end of the story;

(7) new and better weapons to penetrate power armor; a problem in the first FALLOUT;

(8) less linear; there is a time limit of sorts but only for about 10% of the game; thereafter, you can meander all you like w/o running out of time;

(9) more perks and such to make yourself toughter; look for THE SLAYER!;

(10) less bugs; be sure to go their website and get the PATCH update if not included;

(11) get to use a car in this game to drive around and move quickly;

(12) usual opponents from FALLOUT are turned on their head; the enemy isn't always the enemy;

(13) chance to meet more women in the game if that's your thing;

(14) much tougher wandering encounters; happens more often, too;

(15) bandits are much tougher; watch it!

(16) the game rewards you if you choose to go down the dark path or the path of light

The Bad

(1) You need a lot of time to play this game; like 50 hrs I would say or more;

(2) If you're big on logic or environmental issues, there are too many monsters and no creatures to prey on except a small number of humans. I walk around fighting things left and right and then find some safe peddler out in the middle of nowhere. Geesh.

If you can overlook that though, not a big deal.

(3) It's a 2D game for those who can stand it. I played this before 3D was really big.

The Bottom Line

Worth finding and playing.