Final Fantasy VIII Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Save status consists of showing the characters you play with, your residence, current playing time, money, and CD disc.
Opening cinematic mixes actual intro with events that will later occur
You and Irvine, the sharpshooter, are to assasinate the sorceress (these spinning rings marks saving point, which aren't that frequent).
Squall and Seifer, two friends that like to duel without restrains only too often
The crowd below is more under sorceress' influence then their own will.
Just in time to save Rinoa (better get used to saving her, it's rather frequent).
Real-time, turn-based combat, whatever.
Shiva is definitely the best animated GI (in my opinion, at least).
Victorial salute to defeated (call it saving-your-skin happiness).
Just as this seems romantic, it is nothing but polite.
Rats are the last thing you can find in these sewers.
Ingame menu you'll use often on maximum level.
Just preparing for the ceremonial party.
Our hero up close and personal in actual gameplay.
Boy, do we guys all fall for the same words :-)
What happens if we both see the falling star with the same wish?
We SeeDs have many skills :-)
Nope, this scar is not from a dance, but a Seifer's gunblade instead.
Even your fighting teacher seems to be amazed by your other virtues.
The nearest town can always supply you with potions and informations.
When on global map, you can save at any point.
Forest always seem to have enlarged bugs.
Victory's the only way to survive (unless you flee).
With Ragnarok as a vehicle, this map would see small, on the contrary when you're navigating with your garden.
Ragnarok going to space.
Irvine taking it easy
Seifer preparing to attack Garden
Zell's Intro
Squall bleeding
Battling Bahamut
Dark Messenger
One of the Chocobo forests
A random battle at Ultimecia's Castle
The 3rd of the 4 possible finishing moves for Squall's limit break.
It's getting bigger - as in other Final Fantasy games.
The team gathers for the final showdown.
Game over