Fort Zombie Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Character Occupation Selection
Select a Fort to defend
The game begins. The Spot skill is used to search containers for items. Those marked with a (!) contain items.
Bandageing your wound when a zombie is attacking is a bad idea
The Haymaker Sporting Goods store is a good place to find ammo, health items and ... sport-loving zombies ?
Finding a quiet corner to catch a breath
The Trigger Guard gun shop is a good place to find ammo ...
... but not weapons. Now that is just mean.
A nice afternoon in the living room, with zombies out in the garden
Civilian houses also have items.
Looks like I'm in a tight spot
Clearing the prison of zombies
Fort captured
Search the warden's office for weapons.
The prison, seen from one of the watch towers
The town of Piety, seen from the prison watch tower
Another view of the prison. Note my legs are in "critical" condition since I'm a little too fond of jumping off high places.
Depositing and re-distributing items in the base inventory
Choosing a place to set up defense for the final battle. This place looks pretty defendable.
Setting up the workplace for a barricade
Ben Riley's diary, and summary of the day's activities and achievements
At the beginning of each day, locations of survivors, weapon or supply caches become available
The police station is supposed to be the "Easy" fort, as survivors receive health bonus when defending this place
Setting up a trap
Closer view of the vicious looking traps
My band of survivors
One of the special NPCs, the Witch
With only 4 days left until the zombies swarm this place, there's a lot to prepare
Assigning tasks to survivors