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Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (Windows)

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned Screenshots

Windows version

Starting menu.
Shot from intro - cast animation.
Starting point
Ingame shot
You'll find hard-to-notice differences between animation and the game itself
Options' scope vary as you click on different objects
Now this is animation. You must admit, there isn't much difference from the ingame playing.
The french style in this game looks convincing.
You move the camera independently from your character. Nice & creative.
Waiting for a maid to enter bathroom.
Playing with Grace.
Grace and Gabe, together... last night.
The game consists of three days, but with timezones in them.
Saving screen now, comparing to GK and GK2 can hold almost infinite saved games.
Behind the curtain of sacrifice
Gabriel saved the prophecy, in one little infant.
Our Grace...
All of the suspects together....
Even priests can't resist le fromage francais!
I don't think it's ketchup...
Nice moustache.
Five stars or what?
Nice town, eh?
Gabriel Night.
Handling inventory.
Local map.
Cinematics use the ingame engine, but are prerendered and do not depend upon your computer's speed as the game does.
Jumping over some chess board could prove to be fatal, but can also open some secret door.
The title screen of the German release
This is the screen from which the player loads a previously saved game. It's from the German version. The Save screen is virtually identical
Right clicking brings up a menu box from which other options can be selected. Here the control that offers different camera angles has be selected. German edition