Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen and main menu
The intro video features a mysterious unicorn
Starting location. Impressive 3D, indeed!
The game is cinematic - however, unlike the previous installment, everything is rendered in real time
You'll find hard-to-notice differences between animation and the game itself
Options' scope vary as you click on different objects
Now this is animation. You must admit, there isn't much difference from the ingame playing
The french style in this game looks convincing
You move the camera independently from your character. Nice and creative!
Waiting for the maid to enter the bathroom
Some parts of the game allow you to play as Grace
Is it me, or does this look a bit... intimate? Play and find out!..
The game consists of three days, each divided into several time zones
Our Grace is posing for the camera
Nice fountains they have here!..
All of the suspects together....Hmm... What do you say, Mr. Poirot... err... I mean... Knight?
Even priests can't resist le fromage francais!
Get used to such scenes - after all, it's a Gabriel Knight game. I don't think this is ketchup...
Dude! Nice mustache, man. So... how's everything?..
The hotel design is quite impressive. Five stars or what?
Beautiful view of the town
Gabriel Night...
Handling your inventory
Local map
Cinematics use the ingame engine, but are pre-rendered and do not depend upon your computer's speed as the game does
Jumping over some chess board could prove to be fatal, but can also open some secret door
Gabriel talking to local priest, who's not who he seems to be... Showing a dialogue topic near the start
I'll never drink vodka again before going to bed! Okay, okay. It's just another weird supernaturally-charged scene typical of the series
Restaurant. A familiar character is reading a newspaper. Gabriel opens a door. Note the art on the walls
You can explore quite a bit of the wilderness in the game - and also encounter some interesting characters...
That's my girl! As you can see, physical activities are required on some occasions
Do not worry, sir! We are just... err... performing an elaborate choreographic composition
Gabriel, too, has his share of slightly illegal, yet certainly exciting activities
How may I serve you, monsieur?..
What kind of treasure are you going to dig out now, Gabe?..
Behind the curtain of sacrifice... Gabriel still got his sharp tongue
Gabriel is holding a very mysterious child...
Near the end, Gabriel will encounter quite a few Indiana Jones tricky traps like invisible bridges, jumping boards, swinging blades... Also note the traditional Sierra score at the top
Some of the cutscenes touch upon extremely important topics...
Gabriel and Mosely are about to uncover something big...