Gothic II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
The intro curiously converts in-game graphics into a pre-rendered video and recaps the events of the previous game
The game begins in Xardas' tower you should remember well from the previous installment. I don't like the whole black magic-alchemical vibe here
Beautiful evening, nature, a cozy farm ahead... Only a few more steps to the tavern...
What? No girls?! What kind of tavern is this?..
The towering city wall
Entering the Valley of the Mines
I don't normally go to church, but...
Oh, great. Rain. At least I'm not gonna rust like the dude ahead of me
Now how did I end up down here?
How come all bridges are above me?..
This is how nature is supposed to look like!
Pretty as a postcard
Morning is breaking
Loading Screen
Your inventory can become cluttered quickly. At least it is organized by type
Character Stats Screen
Maps are merely documents - not used for actual movement
The fortune teller really gets into his job!
Fighting a mighty Orc
Reading books is educational and can improve your stats
Yes .. you can talk to dragons! This is Mr. Fire
The Ice Dragon
In Gothic 2, the only good dragon is a dead dragon
Each chapter has a new "loading" screen
A Stone Golem bears down on me
A very accessible but well guarded Dragon Slicer sword
A very dead Black Troll
You wouldn't want to get caught in that maw!
A scenic view
Hunting skeletons by the light of the full moon!
A Dragon Snapper feeding from a seeker's corpse
Exploring the only city on Khorinis. It's pretty big and has quite a few inhabitants who seem to be busy
In the harbor I took out some spell scrolls and started practicing fire magic. I'm weird that way
First-person view can be used liberally. Looks like emancipation hasn't quite reached the shores of Khorinis
Ahh, finally I can relax in a hotel-slash-brothel, like any self-respecting RPG hero. Let the girls drink, why should you care, right?..
Spending a night with a prostitute leads to this surprisingly artistic, erotically beautiful scene
It was raining, and I, clad in a brand new paladin armor, started whacking another person's carriage with my hammer. Yes, I'm already seeing a shrink, thank you
Be very careful in this world. I've just innocently jumped onto a ship - and look what those guards did to me...
I just like standing in the rays of a rising sun, clad in furry mercenary armor of the highest quality. These are my hobbies, okay?..
Xipu!.. I just killed those two poor sheep... The farmers came, beat me up, took a lot of my money, and left me there. I'm trying to get up and see if I've learned my lesson
Selfie with the statue of Innos; clad in a cool-looking, exotic Dragonhunter armor. I'll upload this to my WeChat
I was so surprised to discover a woman living in this cave, doing something with those mysterious potions, that I accidentally equipped a light spell
I've discovered an entrance to an ominous crypt in this foggy graveyard
Practicing my archery skills on skeletons and such
The forest has some mysterious places shrouded in greenish energy. As a mage, I should know better
Lord Hagen likes it warm. Apparently, he is also a religious man in his own way
Swimming! Hurray! Now this is fun, seriously... Hehe... I don't even want to go back
Diving with some cool aquatic creatures! It was hard to capture a shot of this elusive animal