Grim Fandango Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The title screen appears in the beginning of the stylish introductory video
Main menu
Starting location. Our hero Manny Calavera is posing for the camera in his office
Exploring the office building, the game's first major hub area. Talking to the secretary - dialogue options are displayed
Reading your mail
Breaking into your boss' office
Your boss is using computer voice messages when he's not in his office
Helping Glottis build self confidence
Manny the Grim Reaper
Talking to a client
Meet the resistance
Outside the travel agency building
Day of the Dead festival
You won't see much of the initial city. Manny refuses to walk on the highway anyway
One of the game's most artistically surreal scenes - our world is presented with distorted images, and Manny arrives to reap the soul of person who just died...
Inventory items can only be displayed one by one. You can't combine them. That doesn't make the game any easier
What are we up to, Manny?
One of the game's many cutscenes. The hero seems to have troubles with his unpleasant boss...
Manny looks depressed. The first Act of the game is reaching its end, and Manny's life will never be the same...
Salvador's underground base. The plot thickens from that moment on
The game is full of journeys, and the amount of different location themes is very high. Here we go through an atmospheric forest
This part of the game allows you to drive a car though forest paths
One of the game's many complex, mechanical puzzles. Your best friend, the orange demon Glottis, is as helpful as ever. Note his animation in this shot
The bulk of the game takes place in the sinful city of Rubacava. The atmosphere is film noir with a touch of art deco, indeed
The new Arthur Rubinstein?... Can you play Beethoven's Hammerklavier Sonata? No? Not even the third movement? Oh...
Manny becomes the boss of his own establishment, the Cafe Calavera. Talking to one of your employees
The game is full of secret relationships, affairs, double-crossing, and so on. You've just witnessed a rather... intimate scene
Interior of Cafe Calavera. People of different professions are united by their passion to gambling
The Blue Casket, another major location of Rubacava
No epic tale of crime and corruption is complete without showing the ominous dwellings of the rich and powerful
A view of a different area in Rubacava. The zeppelin is towering over the city
Viva la revolucion!Those bees are fighting for the rights of the oppressed proletariat! No kidding
Dead similarities
Breaking your promise is not a nice thing to do
Manny changes occupations every year
A rather provocative scene
This puzzle involves you figuring out a way to navigate this forklift properly
One of the game's many dramatic scenes reminiscent of a crime novel. A meeting with a shady character against the backdrop of artful cats
Later in the game you'll travel to remote and mysterious locations...
The SS Lambada, a ship you'll eventually be able to commandeer
Double-N To Hell - one of the available transportation means, and a very colorful one at that...
It is possible to die again in the afterlife. When this happens, the skeletons "sprout" - hence the second death is associated with flowers...
Mariachi Of The Dead
The love relationship between the hero and the heroine will undergo quite a lot of sudden changes...
No big city is complete without the lair of the ultimate, corrupted archenemy. Note the viewing angle - the protagonist is that tiny shadowy figure near the gigantic heel...
There are many female characters in the game. This one appears to be very cynical...
Oh, no... Can this... can this really be true?..
Okay, I have my disguise. Now... where's the costume party?