Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Campaign - choose Archibald side or Roland side.
Roland's mission tree.
Recruiting boars.
First battle.
A glorious victory!
Attacking goblins.
Need more action points for return to the castle.
Wizard's castle build options.
My hero gained new secondary skill.
Visiting the Observation Tower.
Undead army fights with orcs.
Necromancer's town.
Attacking the peasants is recommended for necromancers - it's easy way to gain new skeletons.
Cavalry attacks our troops.
New artifact in our inventory.
Visit at the Observation Tower reveal locations of enemy castle.
Knight's castle.
Barbarian's castle.
We need those lamps to summon genies.
Battles in the north.
Town to the north could be improved to castle.
Warlock's castle.
Unicorn attacks!
Good terrain, so many things!
Too many Pikemen
Desert goblins
Archibald's campaign tree
Casting Death Spell on the enemy troops
Recruiting units
Enemy hero is much weaker than us
A short cinematic after successful mission
Breaking through the castle walls
Checking the hero's inventory
Warlock class unit tree
A battle onboard the ship
Encountering dragons in the desert
Dwarves are easy picking
Battle options
Building a marketplace
Enemy is approaching our gold mines
A castle under siege
Spell tree
Exchanging units and items between your heroes
Status after the final victory