Jaws: Unleashed Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen.
Main title screen.
Main menu.
Game includes animal bios.
Game also has trailers.
Smoaking boat.
Jaws (from the intro).
Game starts with Tutorial.
That is a big fish.
In tutorial mode, you get instructions how to control jaws.
Jaws attacked a diver.
Jaws eating small fish.
Girl watching someone in trouble.
Collected a license plate.
Exploring shipwreck.
Jaws at close.
Inside a cave.
Using silent attack mode.
Jaws found something to eat.
Destroying piers.
You have been captured.
Abilities upgrade instructions.
Unlocked advanced move.
If people walk too close to water, you can grab them.
How can shark use an ID card?
People who captured jaws.
Scene from Water Park.
Small shark attacks you.
The Break Out level begins.
These abilities you can upgrade.
You are dead.
Gate opening.
Something interesting on the surface.
Open ocean calls.
Map of Amity Island
Jaws hates electrical devices.
Breaking glass with tail.
Found water park exit.
Jaws in trouble.
Jaws takes a big bite.