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Journey to the Center of the Earth (Windows)

Journey to the Center of the Earth Screenshots

Windows version

Main screen with options, save, load and exit
Normal interface of the game
Computer screen
Save/Load Screen
A lovely cavern filled with crystals
One of your first puzzles. The inventory bar stays hidden at the bottom until you want it.
Close-up of the main character, Ariane.
Getting this door open involves solving a cryptic puzzle
To open the door, place these tiles in their proper order around the rim.
These mushrooms are not for eating!
Flying dinosaur!
The suspension bridge
Ariane has an almost close encounter with TRex! Her comments appear in the blue misty area.
Lush greenery on the other side.
Your view while taking a balloon ride.
Full view of the balloon and balloonist.
Finally arriving at the City of Askiam.
The flowers here are huge!
An interesting "swap the tiles" puzzle.
Solving this puzzle may cause you to pull your hair out in frustration!
You also take a submarine ride.
Conversations are simple. Remember to click on every topic!
This Map of Askiam is used for the Monorail System only, not for other in-game navigation.
Petting a dinosaur!
There's a force field around this village.
Ariane discovers a new race of humanoids ... Giants!
Working the infamous and frustrating Leaf Puzzle
Finally on top of the Floating Island.
Sometimes your view changes to overhead
Cushy jail cell!