Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader (Windows)

Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader Screenshots

Windows version

Startup Screen
Setting up the character
The entry gate of Barcelona
A beautiful ship of the Spanish armada
About to lockpick a door in the city
The statues of the inquisition are impressive
Your spirit pops up at dangerous situations with some good advice
Assasination of Duke Medina
Taking Galileo's spirit
Transportation crystals in the outskirts of the city
Looting an abandoned ship
Slaughtering some creatures in the ruins
The poisonous snakebreeds are a real pest in the dungeons
Ethereal Dimension
Powerful Revenants
Arabian Camp near Barcelona
Weng Choi Bookstore
Lost Shipwreck
In the Pyrenees
Montaillou Church
Cihlar Crypt - local attraction
The stall of Ali Akbah
Rocky path to Alamut
Wandering the Alamut corridors
Loading Screen
World of Lionheart
Audience at Plumdjum Khan
Cathar Tavern
Cultists' Honesty