The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
The Living World: Where you command armies on a higher level than in battle
The eye of Sauron, as it shifts across the map
Mount Doom, from the intro
The multiplayer config. screen
The loading screens use stills from the movies.
Raiding an enemy camp while the sun sets in.
A close up of the action- Eomer and the riders of Rohan trash some ork scum
Protecting the entrance to Lothlorien
Spells have all sort of blur and lightning effects
Battle stats... Believe me, it's not easy being this good.
Boromir needs help! (Note the video playing in the lower left corner)
Uruk Hai-rush!! And the gold glow means a hero character is leading them!!
Gandalf shows us how it's done
Power points allow you to buy special magic skills that can be used in-game
You can modify the landscape to your advantage with the Elvenwood spell which gives allied units several benefits
The campaign calls for you to decide which area to tackle next
Surviving units gain ranks and remain with you throughout the campaign
The battle for Helm's Deep...
Aragorn Fighting
The Army of Deads
Attacking Mordor
Boromir leading the assault
Gimli against the world
The magic of Gandalf
New archers for the Army of Gondor
Trolls attack
Word of Power