Magic: The Gathering Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Character Creation - Difficulty Level. Difficulty governs the frequency of monsters/opponents roaming, how good their strategy in cards or even random events in your favor.
Character Creation - Deck Color. Any planeswalker (you) should choose a particular color to focus your power. Choosing a particular color only effects the initial deck of cards when you start the game
Dueling an Opponent
Overland Travel
Making a deck
There are numerous towns and villages to visit. Each provide unique information and items invaluable to your quest.
Each town or village provide random unique cards of a specific color. A town or village located in or near a forest will provide green cards. If located near a swamp and sea, may provide both colors.
Sometimes when the village elders don't provide you with free information or unique bonuses, they offer quests in return for cards, gems or a mana link.
When you leave a town and village, sometimes they offer you information on the location of World Magics to aid in your quest.
During your travels, the enemy wizards may send their servants to attack a city.
The political map of Shandalar. The world of Shandalar however is randomly created at the beginning of each new game.
Your character stat screen. Among others it provides info on the various types of enemies you've defeated, your magical items, and progress on defeating the wizards.
During your travels, you may acquire information on the various castles and dungeons in Shannara.
Attacking the Black Castle - Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all...
When you've defeated a enough enemies of a particular color, the enemy wizards will send in their best champions to fight you. Here the White Wizard sends a High Priest as his champion.