Motorhead Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Start of the intro movie
Intro continued
Game logo
Main menu
Start of race
Streetlight halo
Racing 1
Racing 2
Personal options, here you can change the colors of your car
Track selection, there are 8 different tracks available
Tunnel with colored lighting
Car selection, the 10 available cars are divided into 3 divisions, you only race against cars from the same division
Scraping against the guardrail
Goldbridge Course, 3DFX version
Atlantika Course, 3DFX version
NeoCity Course, 3DFX version
Redrock Course, 3DFX version
Goldbridge Course, 3DFX version
Ruhrstadt, Software Renderer
Atlantika, Software Renderer
NeoCity, Software Renderer
Olympos, Software Renderer
Redrock, Software Renderer
An example of the fabulous scenery.
Big air!
Isn't that the RED FACTION logo?
The Nolby Hills track looks like a contemporary racing circuit
TV cam view at the Nolby Hills track
The Okkun Speedway is a lot like an oval track
Race results, didn't do too well this time
Starting a race (PowerVR)