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Nat Geo Adventure: Lost City of Z (Windows)

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Nat Geo Adventure: Lost City of Z Credits

National Geographic

EVP, Global MediaPaul Levine
VP, Global MediaChris Mate
GM, Global MediaChris Mate
VP, Business DevelopmentMark Pifer
Director of DevelopmentVijay Lakshman
Producer, NatGeo GamesAdriano Parrotta
Production CoordinatorSoraya van Dillen
Director of MarketingLaShun Lawson
PlaytesterAidan Lakshman
Special Thanks ToMaureen George (Associate Creative Director), Jim Choe (Graphic Designer), Mimi Dornack (National Geographic Imaging), Charlie Regan (NGS - Digital Maps), Kevin Allen (NGS - Digital Maps), Todd Herman (NGT - Standards & Practices), Timothy T. Kelly (NGS - President - Global Media Group), Ted Prince (NGV - COO & President), Mike Ulica (NGV - CFO - Finance & Planning)

Merscom LLC

Executive ProducersKirk Owen, Lloyd Melnick
Senior ProducerMatthew Shetler
ProducerDimitri Kirin
Associate ProducersJason S. Rice, Catherine Mainland
QA ManagerBrandon Tyndall
QADavid Perry, Caitlin L. Conner, Catherine Mainland, Abigail Hallatt
Localization ManagerDimitri Kirin
Voice ActingCaitlin L. Conner, Joseph Sewell
Recorded byMerscom LLC
Special ThanksJoe Halby, Nick Quante, Kellie Grandy

Media Art

ProducersMarina Sapunova, Stanislav Sapunov
Game DesignBrad Moss, Marina Sapunova
Lead ProgrammerIrina Kosenko
Art DirectorSergey Karpenko
ProgrammersSergey Nedbailo, Alexander Uraga
Graphic DesignKonstantin Galinsky, Elena Reva, Oksana Nuzhnaya, Anastasiya Silkina
AnimationSergey Karpenko, Anastasiya Silkina
MusicAnatoly Shukh
Sound effectsKonstantin Galinsky
For creating special effects, the technology ofAstralax  was used
Playground Game EngineTim Mensch (Lead), Reggie Seagraves (Mac Lead), Brad Edelman, Jim Brooks

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