Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Character creation. Most of the races have several subraces as well.
Favored soul is one of the new classes for the expansion.
In the beginning of the game, you wake up in a strange cave, and Safiya, your first companion joins you.
Soon, you meet this scary spirit wolf. It doesn't look very friendly...
The game has lots of dialogue, and the writing is really good.
What's happening??
You will meet lots of strange creatures in the game. This is an ugly fell troll...
The market in Mulsantir, the main city in the game.
Exploring the docks.
Battle with nightwalkers in the plane of shadows. This is a tough battle, so don't come unprepared!
Dialogue with Kaelyn, one of your possible companions.
Fighting wyverns.
Lost in a dungeon.
Some frost giants are causing trouble in the forest.
The old ent is dying...
Safiya using magic.
Trying to solve a puzzle involving mirrors. Not as easy as it looks at first.
Talking to some pit fiends. Can they be trusted?
You can play an evil character as well. This is my drow warlock doing something nasty...
If you do some bad things to a certain creature, you can later get this undead companion, called "One of Many".
You will have to make many important decisions during the game. Some will have consequences later on.
This battle against undead is really challenging!
This is my water genasi monk. The big colourful bear behind her is Okku, one of the companions.
Nothing funny, this horned helm has nice stats (for my build)
A high-level lightning spell
Some Spirit Eater feats
Meeting an old companion (from NWN2 main campaign)
World map
Suppressing my hunger in the presence of spirits
Real-time lighting effects
A battle in the woods
The Dead God
Interesting... carving
Successful love affair yields bonuses
One dragon, a band of defenders, a band of attackers and a wall. Also, the choice. One of many choices in the game.
One fireball, coming right up
Depending on your choices you will be either protecting or assaulting this place
Wearing The Mask
Title screen (shown during credits sequence)
A skull who wants to become a god. Hmm...