Portal 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Chell wakes up in this room.
Meet Wheatley, your new companion
This is what the Aperture Science Labs generally look like after the last game.
The game slowly introduces the game mechanics once again.
Lasers are a new element to work with. They activate switches and can take out turrets. There are special blocks used to redirect them.
Light bridges are another novelty.
Hey, turrets! I'm over you!
Still without actual guns, Portal 2 now has Deadly Lasers, capable of incinerating the turrets.
Even if the Rat Man only appears in «Lab Rat» comic, his paintings are scattered all over the complex.
I guess it's scary to crawl on catwalks through working factory without light.
Some turrets are different, like this peaceful one. Sadly, you can't take it along.
Reunited with GLaDOS
Watching the laboratories in decay, through a blue portal
There is much more open space to explore.
This part of the game has a BioShock-retro feel to it.
Introducing the new gels. For science!
Areas of attention are often highlighted subtly.
In the middle of jump.
Isn't that Chell herself on the poster? Yet another theme for speculations.
Preparing to run over the red speed gel
This beam lifts you up.
A giant storage room for turrets
I'd say it looks like a death trap.
Deep down inside the facility
Loading screen for the cooperative mode
Working together with an online player
Pay real money for new skins
Other title/loading screens show the bot duo. P-Body is in front and Atlas is in shadow.
Screenshot showing the level editor now included in Portal 2
A quick custom level I whipped up in the editor. This is what the player character looks like in the community-created levels.
In "developer commentary" mode, there are comment nodes scattered throughout which provide interesting information about the game's development and design.