Prototype Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Fighting a hunter - those things can take a beating!
Looking over Central Park.
A checkpoint race over the rooftops.
Glowing things like this are hidden all over the city in different colors offering hints or just additional experience points.
Jumping from a skyscraper is fun.
Fleeing from a pack of hunters.
BOOOM - one military base less in the city.
He knows something about me. That will be his end!
Consuming this target silently.
Raging havoc with an APC.
Throwing a cooling unit at a helicopter.
This part of the city is heavily infected. The hive is in the building on the right.
There are many skills available in exchange for experience points.
Hijacking a tank prompts a Quick Time Event.
The overview map shows mini-game locations, military bases, hive buildings and of course the next story mission.
Those two menus contain all the players available powers.
Firing a normal weapon while changing form.
Using one of the powers to kill those military guys.
Another mini-game: Initiate a glide and land as close to the center as possible.
This map shows the players progress in uncovering the conspiracy.