Revenant Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Start Screen
Saving a game - They are alphabetized by the name you give them
The island of Ahkuilon
Reading scrolls is important
Near the Misthaven Market. Notice the guy with the 'fro hairdo and hippie clothes. Is he Jimmi Henrix?
Luckily you didn't have to go up against this Giant in the Forest
Side panel with your Stats. The whole right panel can be removed to show the full screen
You can hold so many items, managing them in sacks can help.
This big hulk can be a problem if your "Hand-to-Hand" level is low
Inside "The First Cave". Watch out for those fire and steam spouts!
Another shot inside the caves
Green Dragons are fearsome opponents! Here he is in the middle of throwing me around the cave.
This strange apparatus is your key to getting out of this cave
Throne Room in the Keep
Maze Labyrinths in all colors