The Saboteur Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
This screenshot tells you why this game has an Adult-flag.
Preparing for the big race.
Welcome to the Saarbr├╝cken GrandPrix!
Sean is no Altair - but still he knows how to climb.
Trouble with Nazis? Hide in this shack and everything will be forgotten.
Sean hates sniper-towers. Luckily he knows how to use explosives.
The map showing a part of Paris and all worthwhile locations.
Deciding on which care to drive next.
Found a hidden lookout.
Unlocked a new perk.
Got a love-letter from Skylar.
In a few moments there will be one less General for the resistence to worry about.
Roaming around the Nazi-occupied parts of the city isn't exactly fun-time.
Driving the only car with a crosshair.
Unleashing mayhem near Notre-Dame.
Looking for a traitor.
A blackmarket-dealer.
Found one of the super-jumps.
Ouch - that hurts!
Using a disguise in order to destroy that V2-rocket.
Another potential target for my dynamite.
Hey babe, are you free later?
That's how a saboteur works - plant the bomb and walk casually away like nothing happened.
When you do something really important for the Resistance, you save from the Nazis a part of the city