Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game (Windows)

Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Looks like George is back!
...and so is Nico
Our favourite couple together
Climbing again...
...and box pulling
An old friend from previous games
One of the many puzzles solved using the PDA
This manuscript will cause us more than a headache...
With Anna Maria, la femme fatale
This scene sure looks familiar!
Nun of your business
Map screen
Caught in the middle of a jump
A nice painting
What a nice selection of salamis
Nico doesn't seem to like the Guns Girls poster.
Together in the sewers. How romantic...
Anna Marie and George just before "the kiss"
These controls don't work. Yet.
The rolling conveyor puzzle
To get from point A to point B, step on the tiles in the correct order.
Main menu (UK English version)
Sacrifice scene from the intro
This explains the angel of death subtitle
Main title
George in his office
Checking the things in your office
George in the obvious brain, not a muscle in this situation
Escaping your pursuers in Indy-style
George's sense of humour is left intact
Talking to the hotel receptionist
A damsel in distress
Time for romance has passed, now it's time to continue our investigation
Distracting the guards
Looking for a way in
Searching the room for clues
Nico at the construction yard
This should help me reach the upper area
Everybody wants the ark