Serious Sam: The First Encounter (Windows)

Serious Sam: The First Encounter Screenshots

Windows version

Game logo
Main Menu (Polish Version)
Let the games begin..
Your PDA of sorts
First enemies
Detail textures, baby!
Check out those flares!
Enemies to the infinity and beyond
Great visuals, inside and out
Big mighty boss
Croteam makes a cameo appearance... what ARE they putting in the water over there in Croatia?
A massive monster blocks out the sun... and this guy's just the FIRST boss...
Note to Ancient Egyptians... don't mess with Moses... the Frog is his ally, and a powerful one it is
It's seems such a shame to stain this peaceful oasis with bloodshed and massacre... oh, who am I kidding? Bloodshed and massacre are the reason I'm here!
Whoa! Now that isn't even REMOTELY fair!
As any veteran of Diablo can tell you, being swarmed by semi-naked winged babes isn't always a good thing...
The Lava Golem boss is even bigger than the building he's guarding... not to mention the fact he spawns smaller golems to fight you
The epic confrontation between Serious Sam and the biggest boss in FPS history
The NETRISCA gives you useful information about your enemies (Spanish version)
Why there's always a spaceship?
Another example of the beautiful graphics of the game. Here, in the middle of the night.
Oh! A portal!
Hordes of enemies approaching.
In one of the hallways of the last secret level, things turn to be a little upside down...
Why? Why do they always have a rocket arm?
Oh, no! A huge boss is looking for me... And he seems to be very angry.