Sexy Beach 3 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Each girl presents herself.
That's a nice view!
Io likes the color blue.
My, what a swimsuit!
Keyboard commands tutorial
Baby, why don't you cook for me?!..
Viewing the extras.
Character profile and unlocked CGs.
Hotel "Illusion"?! Yeah, right...
Click on the girl face icon to start a date.
Pick your location.
She's jumping, and you're watching. Not much else to do, so far.
Your progress in the game. Don't worry, that's just the beginning!
Picking a swimsuit.
Each location has its own short pre-rendered cut-scene.
Rotating the camera to take a better view at... ehh... the rock.
Bend, baby, bend!
This one likes reading.
Okay, she's on your bed now. Check out the detailed interaction possibilities to the right.
Your position, sir?
Oh wow! I never did this near a staircase!
The girl is preparing for the position.
Having sex in a kitchen! And what a crazy swimsuit!
Are you ready? Because I am...