Shadow of Destiny Credits


R&D ManagerTony Bickley
ProducerPhilip McDonnell
Product ManagerHans-Joachim Amann
Quality Assurance and Play TestingRoppongi Monitoring Center Inc. Japan
PC Compatibility TestingBabel Media
Special Thanks To:Kunio Neo, Hironobu Kawakami, Makoto Ichikawa, Shinji Muto, Andrea D'Orta, Miss Darth Paw (D Paw), Saza, John Sylvester, Joseph Sylvester, everyone at KOE, Everyone at KCET for their support and creation of the original game


Development ManagerDave Lee
ProducerKen Jordan
Lead ProgrammersMichael J. Lister, Thomas Kuhn, David Smethurst
Additional ProgrammingPaul Tankard
SoundKevin Saville, Matt Sugden
Additional ArtworkBob Davies, Daryl Marples, Tina Palmer
Design Department ManagerDave Lago
Art Co‑ordination ManagerDerek Ham
QA ManagerMark Hooley
Lead TesterTom Armstrong
TestersJohn Webb, Adrian Gray
Commercial DirectorAndrew Wall
CEOKevin Devine


ProducerKen Ogasawara
Product ManagerWilson Cheng
Director of MarketingRick Naylor
Director of Marketing CommunicationsCherrie McKinnon
Senior Manager, Creative ServicesMonique Catley
Consumer ServicesJamal Carter, Mark A. Gonzalez
Package and Manual DesignScott Allen
Special Thanks:Philip McDonnell, Dennis Lee, Jason Enos, Lee Allison Verdeckberg, David Chen, KOE R&D, RMC, Everyone at KOA
FMOD Sound and Music SystemFirelight Multimedia

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (68116), Jeanne (75350) and formercontrib (159700)