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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith (Windows)

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith Screenshots

Windows version

In the line of fire
The rocket launcher is a suitable weapon for these.
Kyle's lightsabre is orange
Force sight
Camera view
They seem so close with the sniper rifle.
Control room
Out in the open
Playing as Mara Jade.
You can play from 1st-person, or 3rd-person perspective
The raven disguise will allow you to enter the palace.
Sandpeople crossbow-lightning weapon, not accurate but heavy.
City level, searching for a smuggler.
Secret "ballet dance" area.
Stormtroopers bust into the cantina.
Mara holds off another stormtrooper ambush.
Han Solo makes a secret cameo.
Captured, and forced to fight a Rancor unarmed.
On the bridge of a New Republic cruiser.
Cruiser's gunnery station.
Gravity is knocked out in this section of the ship.
AI upgrades allow two factions to fight each other.
Fighting in a zero-G section.
Complicated power facility, typical for the series.
Lots more 3D model activity in the expansion.
The new Carbonite Gun freezes foes in place.
Stationary turrets are added in the expansion.
One of the new pirate models.
Another new enemy model inside a smuggler's villa.
A new brute enemy.
This collector has a Dark Trooper helmet from Dark Forces.
Particle effects accentuate this waterfall.
Inside a Hutt palace.
Mara's ship in the swamps of the final levels.