Starscape Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Configuring your ship
Caught by a boss attack
Second to last ship, testing new weapons
Getting inside the defences of a boss
Lost crew shuttle needs rescuing
Warping in to a node in the Aegis (your mothership)
Launching a nova bomb (smart bomb type weapon)
Defending the Aegis (your mothership)
Boss with a lot of guns.
The mothership Aegis in flight
A dimensional accident sets the storyline
These mines are dangerous
Graphically pleasing space battles
Docking Menu
The bridge and main menu of the Aegis
The Aegis equip screen, customize it's defenses
The hanger bay, there's only room for 3 custom ships
Building and Research menu
Navigation menu
There are five different zones to explore
Asteroid mining is the key to supplying the Aegis with raw materials
The enemy mining ships are primary targets
This enemy vessel has a nasty gravity weapon
A heavily armored battleship
Sometimes the supply of raw elements is very small
Seek out new life and new civilizations
Capital ships seldom travel alone