Starshatter Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
All your stats are located in your logbook as well as any medals you obtain
You go up in rank as you progress
The multiplayer mode lets you see what games are active and what system they are running on
When you host a multiplayer game, you can choose the type of game to play
Choosing campaign from the main menu lets you play any campaign that you have opened by completing the previous campaigns
Choosing the mission from the main menu gets you a choice of missions to play
This is the first thing you see in a campaign... your orders and information on what's going on
All units in the current campaign are visible if you want to check out the fleet
You can view newsfeeds as well to see what is going on
When you are ready, select your mission and proceed
Each mission also has information about it
You can also see the units present and what possible enemies there are
Use the map to see where your nav points are and what is in the area
Then choose your weapon loadout
Taking off from a planet
Checking out my fighter from another camera view
Taking off from a ship
Here's my fighter flying through space using the orbit camera view
If you take damage, you can see where the damaged areas are in the Caution popup (yellow = damage, red = destroyed)
Tired of fighters, when you're high enough rank, you can fly one of these... a carrier. You can see the command menus as I give orders to my launched fighters
Here's a battle while I'm in a frigate
Here's a planet. You can also see a popup fire control console
When commanding a carrier, you can choose flight operations to launch your fighters
Here's what happens if you don't watch your back
What a big explosion from such a little fighter
And this is what you get when you die (it's not a permanent death, though your ship is gone)