The Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The spinning title screen
The intro shows a battle between the forces of light...
...and darkness.
Exploring the various houses in the city of Homlett.
The party arrives in a small town called Homlett (cut-scene).
An innovative radial menu allows for quick commands.
Enemies and their status during fights appear as portraits at the top of the screen.
Looking for quest at the docks of the city of Nulb.
Beautiful detail and lightning of the Nulb Inn
The gates to The Temple of Elemental Evil, where a major part of the game takes place.
A mass blessing spell in action
The temple master may be evil, but he sure knows how to decorate the place.
The party log book contains many useful information, including an "ego diary". Look at all the "powerful" enemies vanquished so far!
Buying and selling items at a local blacksmith in Hommel.
The "Craft Wondrous Item" feat allows you to create powerful magical items at the cost of gold and experience.
The overland map. Random encounters occur here while travelling.
You can change the formation of your party – as always, magicians are better placed in the second line.
ToEE may have its flaws, but the isometric graphics are surely beautiful.
Don't play this game without a thief and a good lockpicking ability in your party.
A spiral staircase leads deep down into the temple.
Conversation with an arrogant baddie.
Our mage is going to summon some assistance for this battle.
Towards the end you have to enter some elemental realms like this pretty hot place.
A damn hard fight against a demon and his buddies. This game can be quite tough.