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Tex Murphy: Overseer (Windows)

Tex Murphy: Overseer Screenshots

Windows version

Main Title/Main Menu
Loading Screen (very similar to saving one)
Title from intro screen
No matter the look, this p.i. is one of the best, miles around.
The first case ever, does look challenging, indeed.
Tex's Office
Moving controls can be shown at the bottom.
AID will provide some info upon certain persons.
Dialogue sequence
Anasazi ruins hold many secrets.
The Hitman
Tex using brains... now this looks trouble.
Quote by Tex: "Tell me, why do they call you Big Jim Slade?"
Now the fighting scene between the two is worthy a price of admission.
Gideon's bedroom. Apparently Sylvia knew the shortcut.
End Credits Title
Detective Eve Clements
Frank Schimming - the man who just pushed his way to power over Gideon Enterprises.
Sonny Fletcher - a washed up PI.
A Gideon Bible.
Law and Order security guard.
John Klaus' Law and Order office.
Fish tank.
Cabin bedroom
A reference to Under a Killing Moon a previous Tex Murphy game.
Bumping into Robert Knott.
Robert Knott explains a few things about Law and Order to Tex.
"They really believe that they can get away with that?" - Judging by their hired thugs who are about to blow you away - I'd say yes.
Rule #2 - a very good rule to follow.
Of course nobody ever really follows that rule...
J. Saint Gideon
Greg Call's secret lab.
Law and Order building.
The abandoned mission.
An elevator at the mission.
Usually the man with the gun has a strong persuading power...
Balcony at Gideon's mansion.
Hallway at Gideon's mansion.
In Gideon's study.
Security room at Gideon's mansion.