Thief: Deadly Shadows (Windows)

Thief: Deadly Shadows Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
Garrett, the master thief
The Thief series has never looked this good.
Map (hand-drawn as always)
Selling my loot
A good use for loading times: displaying advice and background information for the storyline.
Oops, caught in the act by The Watch! Hmmmm.... long heavy broad sword against short wooden club? I don't see a good outcome to this situation...
Stand up straight, man! Walking around in that position all day can't be any good for you spine.
OK, he's a backstabbing, treacherous, sneaky bastard, you never know who is he really working for, he steals stuff for a living; but you have to give the man one thing: he makes those rags look NEAT.
Bah, a sect of morons who worship a hammer can't deserve to be trusted with any kind of wealth. Better give them to someone more rational and reasonable. Someone with a mechanical eye and a hood...
Night vision? With sharp, accurate senses like mine? Pffff, screw night vision! That Fisher guy was a fag--OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!! WHAT DID I JUST STEP ON!!!?!???
'My hammer is too big...' Sometimes the stealth goes down the drain and you gotta get your hands dirty.
My friend here needs some quiet place to take his rest. I'm thinking some dark, narrow, lonely corner. I mean, God forbid he's disturbed by some Watch Guard or something.
Books? Hmm... Well, why not. It's not like Kaazaa has been invented yet.
And I said: 'buy a key ring, they're cheap and quite handy', and you said: 'waste of money, you never lose your keys if you're just a little careful"... Stupid moron.
Guards!!! How am I supposed to sleep on that tiny narrow piece of wood?!? Ah, just wait until Human Rights Watch finds out about this...
Yoohoo! It's me, lurking in the shadows, IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!!! Wait, I'm getting a vision... I see... in the near future... pockets full of stuff... a Watch Guard hitting the unemployment line...
The Rustmonkey cutscenes are back! Yay!!
Garrett's back!! (from the intro)
Those keeper prophecies... Can't they ever be good?
Looks like the law finally caught up with Garrett...
The Keeper Enforcers. You do NOT want to mess with these guys
The item and equipment screen
Garrett can now get upgrades such as glyph powers and enhanced items
Check it out! You can see your model even in the first person perspective!
Clinging to walls prevents enemies from spotting you.
Zooming in on some subterranean baddies.
Climbing Gloves replace rope/vine arrows.