Thief II: The Metal Age (Windows)

Thief II: The Metal Age Screenshots

Windows version

About to enter Soulforge
A shot from the mission Life of the Party
Sneaking around in Trail of Blood mission
After hours in the bank lobby.
The city looks so peaceful from up here....
That's what Thief 2 is all about: Hiding in shadows, ambushing guards.
The blackjack, silent and effective, is your favorite weapon.
Uh-oh. Hand-to-hand combat is deadly. And two's one too much.
The guards run into a mine that Garrett deployed earlier.
When you use the bow, the view zooms in to allow for better aiming - sniping, the medieval way.
Human guards are fierce, but the mechanists' robot creatures are a even tougher.
It might be wise to carry unconscious guards into a dark corner to avoid detection.
Hidden in a dumb waiter, Garrett's safe from the soldier - and able to snatch some precious cups.
The mechanical enemies throw bombs at you.
A pair of angry troglodytes attacks.
Through the city on top of houses. That's as good as the engine gets.
Charge! Nice fountain, by the way.
A group of mechanists plus magician (dangerous!).
A group of robots (very dangerous!).
The bank vault! Unfortunately, a guard noticed Garrett while he picked the lock...
As with the previous game, you can learn a lot from books and notes.
It's important to prepare for a new mission and buy the proper tools.
Completion of any mission displays all kinds of stats.
Heed the warning of ghost pirate LeChuck!
The NYPD this isn't, but the sheriff's men still use cubicles at the station.