TRON 2.0 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

You can discover new subroutines by browsing various archive bins
Meshing some corruption script, take that evil virus!
This gigantic red wall I'm running from is a reformatting routine
NPC's provide you with permissions or assist you with the procedures
This seeker virus is sent to retrieve a missing algorithm
This is what the Internet looks like from the inside
The game is filled with jokes and funny locations such as this nightclub for bored scripts.
Bosses boost impressive graphical effects and provide a tough challenge
Having fun with the lightcycle races which appear as minigames inbetween levels
Spires of the Internet
Every club.exe needs their DJ.exe
De-rezzed. Your fate if you fail.
In addition to character info, various system messages scroll on the left side of the screen
Many jokes abound in Tron 2.0. For example, check the name of this resource hog
Up close and personal with a Resource Hog
Your travels will even take you into a PDA
The energy claw converts enemy health to energy for you
Corrupted, virus-stricken areas of the mainframe
You can learn what's going on in the outside world via video archives
Configuring I/O ports
A firewall
The "LOL" sniper rifle (intentionally named, I'm sure)
Overclocking the old mainframe
I/O ports let you communicate with others outside your system
Light Cycles 2.0
Stunning lighting-effects
Upgraded LOL-zoom. This ICP will get a permanent headache.
Oh, I hate spam!
The game is more than five years old and still looks amazing even today.