Unreal II: The Awakening Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
This is the first man you meet, who gets you started in the game.
Overlooking the base you first land on; the graphic quality is good.
This is Raff, and he'll run you through basic training.
This is training; jump over blocks, crawl under blocks, etc.
This hologram instructs you on weapon usage, and gives you a chance to fire them.
Aida gives you mission briefings. Why space vessels are so dark I'll never know.
Before missions, you should visit this guy to get some info on the weapons you'll be using.
The first enemy you meet is this ugly thing.
I don't think I want to know how this guy died.
Hmm... this cannot be a good sign.
The man who runs the generator is tracking you through the camera network, providing help.
Riding the elevator to the very top of the facility.
Well, that ride didn't go well. Looks like something attacked the elevator.
Do I really want to go in this door?
Finally outside! No more corridors for now.
I have to go to that building, but judging from this symbol, it won't be easy.
I don't want to know what happened in there....
I got the power back on; this hologram shows me the generator.
To get to the bottom, it's time to put my platform skills to the test.
Lookie at the critter that was waiting for me at the bottom.
The marines have arrived! Yippie!
Damn, those marines didn't get too far; they've been shot down, and need my help!
It's dark out; luckily they set up beacons to guide me to them.
Found 'em! Looks like they're safe. Now I'll have some backup firepower.
Attack of the space spiders!
Baby you can light my fire...
Ground is bleeding
Children,don't do this at home!
And here comes the "little" Freddy's brother...
The coolest pilot ever...
Got something in your eye?
Poor Raff has to stretch his neck to catch my eyes :)
Something BIG is asleep, blocking my way.
So THIS is The Matrix? The enemies here looks pretty much the same as those robotic thingies in the Matrix-movies though...
The marshal holds the line
Body in the water
severed bodies of enemies