The Witcher (Windows)

The Witcher Screenshots

Windows version

A castle - obviously. (Intro)
The Witcher fights a kind of werewolf. (Intro)
Main Menu
Choose your challenge.
Loading Screen
The pause-mode is very useful for changing stances or using potions.
The journal with more information than you'll ever need.
The map of the current location.
Yes, the interiors are beautiful too.
A piece of art that tells a story of another Witcher.
If you stand too close to a wall, you can even fight in 1st person.
A magical barrier keeps me from slaying those enemies.
A Circle of Elements. This one grants me access to the push-sign.
The inventory.
Used a sign to remove those stones that blocked the way.
Care for a foursome?
A sorcerer heals himself by taking the life from his minions.
When Geralt is nearly dead, the screen turns grey.
One of the dozens of skill trees available.
Conversing with Vizima guard.
Here's a drug dealer.
Loading screen features beautiful hand-drawn paintings.
Child with a message.
Playing poker-dice.
Enjoying a fist-fight in a local tavern.
Arriving at the swamps.
In the village of bricklayers.
Vaska, the head of the village.
Dryad, as not seen in the US version.
Tavern wench with a story of her own.
Adda, the misbehaving princess.
Some tough choices to make...
Vizima's cemetery, at dawn.
At the doors of the Order Of The Flaming Rose.
Consequences are told in the series of 2D drawings.
Azar Javed - one of the game's antagonists.
Geralt, ready for battle.
A mirage of the sunken city.
Vodyanoi, the denizen of the lake.
Rural countryside.
With friendly villagers around.
You will meet other witchers on your journey.
The game utilizes Speedtree technology providing nice-looking foliage rendered in real-time.
Even monsters have a story to tell.
Overlooking the docks at sunset