Zwei!! Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen (Chinese version)
Naming your heroes
Selecting your pet. By this time you already realize the game is going to be adorable :)
The intro begins with a mysterious cosmic scene and also includes...
...views of nature...
...introduction of heroes...
...and monstrous villains
How many Japanese RPGs begins with the main character in bed?..
Exploring the village
I feel kinda sick today... but your hospital is too small
Catholicism is apparently strong in Granvallen
Visiting a friend's house. The graphics are gorgeous
A fateful meeting
A rich guy lives here. He must have a good taste in art
Visiting a bar
Traveling on the overworld
Many objects can be examined, like in an adventure game
These teddy bears may seem cute, but they are formidable opponents! :)
Switch puzzle in a sewer dungeon
This food stand is a save point :)
Accessing a mysterious dungeon
Status screen
The teleporter item will allow instant travel...
...which looks pretty funky